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Baroness Chocolates’ corporate motto is "act with sincerity and deal with joy". It is by using this strong feeling of decency we've chosen to ban Donald Trump form eating our chocolate. It's just too beneficial to him.

Bill Macy founder of Ottawa-based Baroness Chocolates describes Trump as "a grotesque force for fear".

Macy said Trump can best be tagged by quoting his comments regarding others. In Trumps own words he "should have to take an IQ test": claims he's got "demonstrated a penchant for sexism”: stated he is “a total embarrassment to both himself and the family"; remarked he is "truly weird…reminds me of a spoiled brat with no properly maintained brain"; and "is not really a nice person”. No wonder Cape Breton is creating a influx of refugees from America, after advertising itself as a bolthole should Trump be elected. Baroness Chocolates The globe has been evolving as well as in many ways it is changing for the good of. It has become a far more free world where anyone can possess a political voice. Tolerance of opinions continues to grow though tolerance comes the ability for hate-mongers to coerce and make fear in order to meet their own ends. When that happens it is everyone's responsibility to stand up and protect liberty for those.

We're feeling at Baroness Chocolates that Mr . trump isn't generous or kind. He's not a force once and for all. Exactly why is our chocolate too good for Mr . trump ? Because Unlike Donald Trump, Baroness Chocolates produces clean chocolate that empowers health, generates joy to cause no harm. It's so simple. Baroness Chocolates It is time all good and conscientious people take action and take a stand against Donald Trump. For more information and photos visit or, Contact: Billy Macy Founder and President Baroness Chocolates 613-862-3237 or by email Baroness Chocolates Too Good For Donald Trump